FOX, CW, ABC, NBC, CBS, as well as all other television networks and film studios

We, the undersigned, are disappointed by FOX Television's decision not to order the Delirium series, based on Lauren Oliver's brilliant trilogy, and ask that the network not allow its outstanding potential to go to waste.

The Delirium novel was a New York Times Bestseller that also reached #4 on the NYT Series List following the release of the final book of the trilogy, Requiem. It was named Best Teen Book and Best YA Novel of 2011 (So Far) by Amazon, on top of Best Fiction nominations from The American Library Association and The Young Adult Library Services Association. The books have also found international acclaim, winning the prestigious Le Grand Prix de L'Imaginaire in France and the Buxtehude Bull in Germany, both in 2012.

More than that, the Delirium trilogy is a beautiful story of love, youth, and the human condition that seamlessly infuses action and politics to create an astonishingly original world. It has a devoted fanbase across the social networks, many of whom have organized or taken part in campaigns to "Spread the Deliria". We did so because we were profoundly touched by the books and thrilled at the prospect of a film or television adaptation.

We respectfully disagree with the decision not to further adapt the series at this time and ask that FOX consider an alternative means of adapting the series or sell the rights to someone who would be willing to give the story another shot, rather than allowing this profound tale to sit idle on the shelves indefinitely.

Delirium and its fandom deserve a worthy adaptation.

We, the undersigned, call on FOX television to actively handle the rights to Delirium in such a way that will allow the series a second chance to be adapted for film or television.

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