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Petition on the Cancellation of the 601 Bus Route (and other South Delta Bus Routes)

Petition to TransLink:

We, the undersigned residents of South Delta and the rest of the Lower Mainland, draw the attention of TransLink to the following:

THAT we have been notified that the existing 601 Bus Route (as well as all bus routes travelling to communities south of Fraser River) will be cancelled as of September 7, 2009 due to TransLink’s plan to re-route all such buses to the new Skytrain Canada Line.

THAT the stated purposes of this change are decreased transit time for commuters, increased reliability of bus scheduling and decreased traffic along the Oak Street Bridge, down Granville Street and into the Downtown Vancouver core.

THAT we are opposed to this re-routing of the 601 (and other South Delta buses) for the following reasons:

1. Students attending private schools close to Granville Street, Emily Carr and University of British Columbia will have to make at least 2 transfers (bus to skytrain to bus) to get to their final destination which is inconvenient, time consuming and raises safety concerns for parents;

2. Other commuters using the 601 presently to get off along Granville Street will face multiple transfers and extended travel time;

3. All commuters using the 601 presently will face extended commuting time, inconvenience of transfers and wait times between transfers;

4. Some (perhaps many) of the commuters will choose to drive their own vehicles (or carpool) to get to school or work or to Vancouver in order to decrease the travel time and inconvenience thereby defeating the primary purposes of public transit which are decrease in traffic and pollution;

THEREFORE, We request that TransLink keep the existing 601 Bus Route (and other South Delta bus routes), so that all South Delta residents may have access to proper, convenient and expedient transportation through which the primary goals of public transportation - decrease in traffic and pollution - can be upheld.

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