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HI-99 WTHI (and other stations) were recently purchased, as a result of that Julie Dunbar, Kyle West, and Jamie Dawson McDowell will not be staying with the new company. I personally have listened to Julie on 2 different stations for 20 years! I don't listen to the radio unless she, Jamie or Kyle are on air, I use my iPod or satellite radio. Because of the three of them being familiar voices (and faces) I will tune in. They have and continue to do so much for our community! That's something you don't get from DJs that aren't from the area because they typically move often. The three of them invest in the city of Terre Haute and surrounding communities because this is where they have called home for many years! You can see the friendships they've built and maintained and the pure love they have for their profession. They take their personal time to build relationships with community leaders, business owners, employees, etc that began as working relationships have turned into some of the greatest friendships. Those people in turn listen to them and provide opportunities for the radio stations in the community. To see the three of them go is also saying goodbye to life long listeners due to new management not taking the time to understand our community and the people who make it special. The right thing needs to be done... Give the three of them their jobs back.

We the undersigned ask the new management/owners of HI-99 and other affiliated stations to reinstate the employment of Julie Dunbar, Jamie McDowell and Kyle West.

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