#Local Government
The new owners of Borders UK; Owners of New Look
United Kingdom

Swindon Borders is one of the best performing in the chain, according to an inside source.

Borders UK could accept New Look's offer to buy five Borders store leases in prime locations, including Swindon. However this is still in negotiation.

Borders Swindon will close permanently on the 9th of August unless the voice of our community is heard.

This petition is only the first step.

Sending a letter to New Look and Borders is the next



Read-In Event a Huge Success


Over 300 people turned up on Sunday 26th July and sat down with us! Thank you every one! We have reached our first goal of 2000 signatures. Our next goal is 5000.

Our aim is to generate enough public interest and media attention that the parties involved reconsider the decisions they have made and maybe, together, we can save Swindon Borders.

Let New Look take the old JJB site two doors down. Everybody wins.

We the undersigned object to the closure of Borders Swindon and its replacement by New Look.

The loss of the book shop will impact negatively on the local North Swindon community as well as on the businesses and people of Swindon and the wider region.

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