Planning Inspectorate, The Welsh assembly
United Kingdom

Swansea City Council is proposing to extinguish the right of way which is still in existence at the site of the former Swansea slipbridge at OystermouthRoad (and thereafter demolish the abutments on which the bridge span was supported.)

This matter has now been referred to The Welsh Assembly for a decision on 22nd June 2010. The bridge has been an important part of Swansea since its completion in 1915 and had been well used, as of need, by the public until the bridge span was removed in 2004. The Council originally stated that such removal was to be for repair and/or reinstatement with a similar span. Such action has never been taken.

The span was removed to Swansea promenade by the Council at a cost of some £308K, where it is now not able to serve its rightful purpose. A Consultation exercise by the Council costing £35K was deliberately ignored as the outcome stated that the bridge should have been put back. It is also a historic landmark in Swansea and has been a focal point for tourists visiting the area due to the wonderful views over Swansea and Mumbles. The Swansea Slip Bridge Civic Society and its supporters are challenging the right of way extinguishment order.

We want the right of way to remain and the bridge reinstated. This bridge provided a safe way to cross a very busy road and we want it reinstated at public expense.

We, the undersigned call on the Planning Inspectorate of The Welsh Assembly to retain the public right of way which currently exists over Oystermouth Road at the former Swansea Slip Bridge site.

We want this bridge reinstated as of need, and will use this bridge in future as a permanent and safe way of crossing an extremely busy road.

We want the bridge reinstated at public expense, as Swansea City Council originally stated that the bridge span would be replaced, after it was removed for inspection and repair work in 2004 for inspection, but this never happened.

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