#City & Town Planning
Manningham Council

St Johns church located at 283 Springvale Rd in Donvale Victoria, is a 110 year old building which is threatened to be knocked down by a developer. The Manningham Council have the power to direct funds to save the church, but they have recently overturned their decision to do so.
This is not ok.
We would like the council to pay to have the church and accompanying 104 year old hall relocated to Schramm's Cottage where they can be preserved and enjoyed again by the community. Please sign our petition to help save this church, or else this important part of our local history will be lost forever.

We the undersigned concerned citizens, urge our leaders to act now to save the historic church and hall at 283 Springvale Rd Donvale by:-
1) Having an historic overlay applied to the buildings
2) Promptly preserving it for community use by either
a) purchasing the property and preserving the buildings in situ
b) moving the buildings to the Doncaster & Templestowe Heritage Society site known as Schramms Cottage

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