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City Council President Amy Brendmoen
United States of America

The Twin Cities German Immersion School is planning to demolish the St. Andrews Church Structure in the Como Park neighborhood as part of its expansion plan. Please sign the petition to voice your disagreement with this plan and request further study instead if demolishing the St. Andrews Church Structure.

Petition by an Ad Hoc Neighborhood Committee regarding the proposed expansion of the Twin City German Immersion School
April 15, 2018

The Twin Cities German Immersion School has announced its plan to expand its enrollment to 3 classes, K to 8, of 24 students in each class, potentially reaching a total population of 648

,Further expansion of enrollment would significantly magnify already problematic issues, particularly inadequate off-street parking for staff and visitors,

The proposed plan requires the demolition of the Aula and cafeteria, that is, the original St. Andrew’s church structure; a structure worthy of preservation and an anchor for the community for nearly a century.

To allow for true stakeholder participation in the planning process, we respectfully request that the proposed plan for the St. Andrew’s
Church Structure be delayed until June 2020.

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