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I under stand that nickelodeon is cancelling sponge bob squarepants because of a small child. The child was swimming in a lake and drowned looking for spongebob. When the parents were asked where they were that their son was left unattended to outside they said they were inside watching tv. The parents now want to sue nickelodeon because of the death of their son. If you are like me you feel sympathetic for the child's family but blame the incident on the child's parents. If the boy was so obsessed with spongebob that he thought he was real then the parents should have had a talk with the child explaining that sponge bob is not real and he does not live in the bottom of a lake and that there is no such place as bikini bottom.

Please sign this petition if you feel that this is the parents fault and nickelodeon should not have to cancel sponge bob. or sign it if you just like ther show and don't want it canceled.

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