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ICV voucher was a Initiative launch by Spring Singapore to help SMEs and it has certainly help a lot of SMEs since its launched.

But now Spring Singapore is limiting SMEs to enjoy this 30 integrated Solutions' benefit only from approximately 50 Integrated Solutions Providers (ISPs) in the whole of Singapore.

See Link: http://prntscr.com/8xo78l

Some of this Solution is only awarded to 1-2 Vendor. So the whole of Singapore market is just going to be monopolized by this provider/s.

It seems this initiative would only Benefit these group of ISPs instead of the 183,300 SMEs in Singapore.

Most of the integrated solution would mostly like cost $5000 or below.

All SMEs that is going to implement these solutions will only go to this One and Only vendor or few that is pre-qualified to enjoy the full reimbursement by Spring Singapore.

What is going to happen to the rest of the ISPs in Singapore? They are not going to survive this!

Say NO to monopolization of Market: See Link: http://prntscr.com/8xo7nq

Many small SMEs will fall. A lot of people will be out of job.

Be fair to all ISPs and not a small group of ISPs monopolizing the market.

Please remove this initiative or give all other ISPs the same equal chance to qualify.

Remove this Pre-Qualified provider initiative now.

We want to be given an equal chance and time to qualify as a pre-qualified provider.

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