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Coastguard stations set to be slashed

Ten of the UK's 18 round-the-clock coastguard centres are due to close as part of planned cuts to the service. The cuts raise concerns about safety around the UK's coastline.

There are currently 18 round-the-clock Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres (MRCC), replacing these will be three 24-hour centres and five sub-centres open only during daylight hours in Swansea, Falmouth in Cornwall, Humber, either Belfast or Liverpool, and either Stornoway or Shetland. The London centre will be unaffected by the changes.

Shipping Minister Mike Penning said the Aberdeen and Southampton/Portsmouth centres would be "maritime operations centres capable of managing maritime incidents wherever and whenever they occur and with improved information systems, together with a 24-hour centre at Dover looking over the busy channel traffic separation scheme".
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you believe Shetland Coastguard co-ordination centre should not be closed or changed to day-work only it is essential that you, your family, your friends and their friends and family speak out now... we've until 24th March, when the consultation period ends.
***************************************************************Shetland Coastguard station is the ONLY Coastguard station for the island communties of Orkney and Shetland and the thousands of seafarers and offshore workers in the surrounding seas. ***************************************************************

For information about the Shetland Coastguard and links to the MCA consultation, see SHETLAND COASTGUARD website!!



We believe Shetland Coastguard co-ordination centre should not be closed or changed to day-work only. It is essential that for the safety of fishermen, the oil industry, merchant and cruise ships and leisure users at sea and on the coast, that Shetland Coastguard continues to be based in Lerwick and operate 24/7

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