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anybody who has read or seen harry potter

Everybody has certainly heard about what Snape does in "the halfblood prince".

I know that is an horrible murder and he kills Dumbledor even without showing any kind of regret or pain.

I heard about JK rowling's project to kill Snape in the last book, and this new honestly freaked me out.

Snape is, in my humble opinion, the most interesting and complex character in the whole saga, as if he turned good or remained a death eater.
I can't stand the idea to see him dying in a painful way, sincerely.

I hope you to agree with me, in order to send this petition to jk rowling to save our favourite character.

Also a great thanks to these sites for their support:

I ask you to support Professor Severus Snape in order to save him from the death JK rowling is going to give him in the last book.

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