#Children's Rights
Croydon Council
United Kingdom

Croydon Council is planning to cut School Crossing Patrols (SCPs) where there is a zebra crossing. This will affect two very busy crossings in Selhurst - Northcote Road and Sydenham Road - near two primary schools. Northcote Road traffic includes two frequent bus routes, emergency services and large lorries alongside the high volume of cars expected on a major road.

Both these crossings are well used by children and parents daily. Cars do not always stop at the zebra crossing, yet children instinctively trust that this will happen. Both the zebra crossings are close to busy junctions, which adds to the danger as cars often speed around the corners with little thought of the crossings.

Without the added safety of the SCPs there is a genuine concern that serious injury or a fatality may result. A child was seriously injured in 2008 at the zebra crossing on Whitehorse Road, which has similar traffic levels. Recently, in Southwark, the death of a 5 year old boy led to the establishment of an SCP - this is a position that Selhurst does not want to be in.

If Croydon Council want to support efforts to keep children walking to school, if they want to protect our children and improve road safety they should keep the SCPs in Selhurst.

Press coverage: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/lollipop-patrols-face-the-axe-on-danger-roads-in-croydon-8451881.html

We, the undersigned, urge Croydon Council to keep the crossing patrols on Northcote Road and Sydenham Road.

Both these crossings are extremely dangerous for children to be using on their own, particularly at rush hour.

We need the SCPs to ensure our children can get to school safely.

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