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Following the meeting with Shetland Islands Council on 11th December, we understand that they would prefer not to throw us off the Seafield Equestrian Area. They are currently looking into using the Clickimin Open Riding Club grazing field for allotments but have suggested a replacement site for grazing nearby.

Although it looks like there is not quite so much of a threat, the Seafield Equestrian Area is still on the list of possible allotment sites so we are leaving the petition active. Please keep signing!


Shetland Islands Council is considering using the Seafield Equestrian Area in Lerwick as a site for new allotments.

The equestrian community has had the use of the ex-hockey pitch at Seafield for the past three years and it has been an enormous benefit. We have been able to organise far more activities because we have known there was a venue to hold them on. Before Seafield we had to beg, borrow or steal a corner of someone's field and try to avoid rabbit holes or risk the wrath of most of the male population of Shetland and sneak onto a football pitch! For the past three years we have had a venue which is central, safe and with appropriate facilities.

The SIC has indicated that they would like to come to a 'compromise' and have suggested that they could level off the field next to Seafield for us to use instead. Access to this field is currently not adequate for this purpose and the council have mentioned nothing about the provision of parking or other amenities. Also, this is the field Clickimin Open Riding Club use for grazing and the council have not mentioned where their ponies could be moved to. This club is an important community group providing riding lessons for dozens of children every summer. Is it fair that they should lose the use of this ground?

We are not against allotments in any way but with well over 200 riders in Shetland and numbers increasing, not to mention driving and the breeders who compete at the Viking Shetland Pony Show every year, Seafield Equestrian Area is a well-used park, essential to the equestrian community and we do not see why we should have to give it up unless the council can provide a replacement with equal or better facilities.

A representative from the Equestrian Association of Shetland will be attending a meeting with Shetland Islands Council on Thursday 11th December, we would very much appreciate your support and feedback to present to them.

More information and updates are available at www.shetlandequestrian.co.uk


We, the undersigned, believe that a central and safe venue with appropriate facilities is essential to the equestrian community in Shetland.

The ex-hockey pitch at Seafield is a good example of such a venue and we ask the Shetland Islands Council not to take this venue away from the equestrian community without providing a replacement with equal or better facilities.

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