Rydalmere OOSH is a vital part of our school. With both working parents the OOSH is needed to help look after the children, if it closes the school may lose a lot of parents where they have no alternative but to send there children to neighbouring school. The numbers have been growing for the school since the OOSh opened in 2015. It has grown from 93 to 143 with more to come since there is infrastructure being built all around the school.
There is an alternative for the children to go to a neighbouring OOSH but it is not convenient and parents shouldn't put their young Kindergarten children on a bus.
We would love if the OOSH could continue so the school could continue to grow.
Please support our petition and sign and help let the government know we maybe a small school but we deserve the same rights as everyone else.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens that want to keep the OOSh going at Rydalmere Public School. NSW.

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