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Canada Post

August 29, 2011

Canada Post's plans for automation of postal services threatens the survival of rural communities. The exclusion of the post offices from the planned technological upgrades means that the communities in Canada who arguably need postal services the most will have no access to this vital service, severing a lifeline between communities, people, and businesses in rural Canada.

Canada post has identified 100 CPAA Revenue Post offices that will not be automated citing that it has “determined that it would not be cost effective to invest in technology to upgrade these offices and, consequently, they will remain manual at this time.” They go on to identify that “The manual processing of these products and services make it difficult for Canada Post to be compliant with the changes to the Canadian Government’s Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Centre and Canadian payments Association regulations.” Therefore, the following services will be cut. Beginning in October 2011, manual post offices not included in the automation plans will no longer be able to:

·        Issue or cash money orders
·        Process meter or scale transactions
·        Process cash
·        Process Customs
·        Process change of address
·        Process unaddressed admail
·        Submitt cash accounts or handle cash

With the inability to handle cash, service needs can not be met and the offices will ultimately close. Rural people and businesses will suffer and potentially fail.

Canada needs to protect its rural people and their way of life, they are the foundation upon which this country was built. Sign this petition to have the Minstrel Island Post Office included in Canada Post's plans for automation. At the current time there is no better way to support small community in British Columbia!

Thank you in advance from the community which depends on the Minstrel Island Post Office.

We, the undersigned, call on Canada Post to include the Minstrel Island Post Office in the proposed plans for automation. Furthermore we call on Canada Post to ensure the existing postal services available at the Minstrel Island Post Office remain unchanged and available to this remote community.

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