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Riviera Bay is a lovely holiday park with some stunning views located on the cliff top, in Brixham, Devon. For many years it has been a holiday place, and was one of the original Pontin's camps from 1961 to 1995.
Since then it has been under several ownerships, and is currently owned by Park Holidays Uk.

In 2009, Park Holidays Uk, despite bookings being as high as ever, wanted to sell this lovely site, for it to become yet more unneeded and overpriced housing.

So, I set up this petition, as Brixham's tourism trade was dwindling, with more shops being boarded up, and it needed to retain lovely holiday parks like Riviera Bay, and didn't need more overpriced housing.
Houses have been built on the former Dolphin site next door and were planned to be built on another former Pontin's site Wall Park.

In the end the owners were granted permission to build a small number of homes on part of the site, and introduce several luxury lodges on the site.
They promised to invest money in the existing accommodation, and keep the park open.

This didn't happen, unfortunately, and now in 2014, plans have been passed to demolish all of the chalets and the main entertainment complex at Riviera Bay. This will be replaced by 72 lodges and a cafe/bar and gym.

This site is in a wonderful area & has been enjoyed for many, many years by families who have countless memories of holidays over the years at Riviera Bay.

I am concerned that the very people who have supported this wonderful holiday park with their hard earned cash, have not even been consulted about what we think.

The holiday park has breathtaking views & a fantastic entertainment building with swimming pool in the heart of the park, which all the holiday makers enjoy, Riviera Bay is an affordable holiday for many families, who have now discovered that everything they love and enjoy will sadly be bulldozed & replaced by expensive wooden lodges with pricing that will exclude the many that have supported both this Holiday park, and Park Holidays Uk.

Park Holiday have struggled to sell the 11 existing lodges on the site, so how will they sell another 72? And if they do, who will be able to afford them at £100,000 a time with a 30% deposit?

So please add your support, please share this petition lets tell Park Holidays that WE YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS ARE NOT HAPPY & wish you to reconsider your decision.

Please support this cause, and help save one of the last great holiday parks, that is Riviera Bay.

It would be a travesty if it were allowed to close, as we all know it.


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