Forestry Commission and DEFRA
United Kingdom

Purple Mountain have run an outdoor friendly cafe and bike centre at Dalby Forest for the last 6 years, serving bikers and other forest visitors.

We provide great locally sourced produce, bake on the premises, know the farmers who supply us, use fairtrade, organic and free range products, and make the best Biker Bar in the country.

In the Bike Centre we offer high quality bike hire and bike events for all levels of rider.

We are a local business, using local products, employing local people.

We believe the Forestry Commission have decided to award the new tenders as follows

- Cafe to Eurest, part of the Compass Group, the largest global food service provider in the world

- Bike Centre to CTC & Pace Cycles

So its 'Goodbye to Biker Bar and Hello Big Business'.

Please sign this petition to stop the Forestry Commission awarding the tender for your local friendly cafe and bike centre to big business.

We the undersigned would like to save our local cafe & bike centre at Dalby Forest run by Purple Mountain.

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