#Local Authority Services
Residents of the City of Edinburgh
United Kingdom

The Council of the City of Edinburgh (CEC) has a deficit of #96 GBP and, mainly for that reasons, has intimated its firm intention to seek Council approval to carry out a programme of privatising vital public services.

The aim is simple enough. It is to save money in the short term by sacking most of its direct labour force. It has nothing to do with increasing quality of service and everything to do with the Scottish Government's arm-twisting over raising Council Tax to deal with the deficit. The petition seeks to persuade the CEC to allow the fullest possible consultation before putting out any, some, or all of its core statutory services to private tender.

Meetings are being held City-wide to allow people to voice their concerns. By signing this petition you are expressing your belief that certain services such as waste collection and disposal and park maintenance, paid for by local rates and should not be privatised because of the financial mismanagement of a City or County Council.

There are workable solutions to the Council's difficulties, which are explained at these public meetings but privatising services left right and centre is not one of them

We, the petitioners, request request the City of Edinburgh and all other Councils to retain essential public services such as, social care, road maintenance and cleaning, waste disposal and collection and the upkeep of Parks as public services paid for out of the Council rates (tax).

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