#City & Town Planning
Ted Baillieu and Matthew Guy, Victorian Government

The Sophia Mundi Steiner private school has controversial plans to expand its school at the public, inner urban heritage site of the Abbotsford Convent (adjacent to the Collingwood Children's Farm).

The proposal will take away access to public open space, prevent future restoration of open space, close off views and cause fragmentation at the Abbotsford Convent - a precious inner urban Heritage site which the community fought a 10 year campaign to save from development, maintain in public hands and protect for ongoing future restoration.

The proposal involves the private Steiner school building 4 classrooms and associated walkways and structures, claiming about 1000 m2 of public land for a new fenced school playground and rotunda with some works on St Mary's paddock (the "goats paddock").
The proposal is similar to plans rejected earlier this year by Heritage Victoria (with over 2,400 objections).

However, this proposal, which many in the community are unaware of, has been approved by Heritage Victoria; despite the Local Council (City of Yarra), National Trust and local community objecting to it.

It is now with the government for decision, which is anticipated shortly.

We, the undersigned, call on the Baillieu Government to reject the Sophia Mundi Steiner private school application to build classrooms and associated structures and take over public land for its playground at the unique, heritage Abbotsford Convent: a site which the community campaigned over 10 years (1997- 2007) to protect from development and keep in public hands for all to enjoy.

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