Princeton Township Committee and Princeton Planning Board
United States of America

WHEREAS the northeast Princeton Ridge, crossed by Bunn Drive, is one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the Princeton region, a heavily-wooded habitat for several threatened and endangered species, with steep slopes and boulder fields; and

WHEREAS past development of the Ridge has affected stormwater runoff from the Ridge, causing flood damage to properties below and prompting concerns that additional development on the Ridge will cause further flooding, as well as concerns that water pollution (designated potentially "high" by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, 2007) may be exacerbated; and

WHEREAS the Princeton Community Master Plan establishes a policy of "guiding growth away from environmentally sensitive areas and clustering building in suitable locations"; and

WHEREAS Robert Hillier proposes to construct 146 condominium units on Princeton Ridge (which, together with 79 age-restricted units on the Ridge that have already received various approvals, for a total of 225 units, totals THREE TIMES the number of senior housing units set as a goal according to the 1996 Princeton Regional Master Plan as amended (September 14, 2006); and

WHEREAS Robert Hillier has also proposed to construct or design an additional 24 units of affordable housing on either side of Bunn Drive; and

WHEREAS it has NOT been proven that the current overlay zone with an age requirement of 62+ needs to be changed because a developer requests it (as Lawrence Township, NJ, has proceeded comfortably with two developments restricted to ages 62+ and 64+,

WHEREAS Township Committee has yet to provide demographic information concerning the actual need for 62+ senior housing in Princeton,

THEREFORE, we, the undersigned, PETITION the Princeton Township Committee to DENY to Robert Hillier or any subsequent developer/applicant the change in age-restriction from 62+ to 55+ which he has requested for Princeton Township Block 4301, lots 3 and 4, and Block 4401, lots 1 and 2); and further

We PETITION Princeton Township to protect the Princeton Ridge from any high- or medium- density development in the future.

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