For the past sixteen seasons, the children have been given the gift of growing up with solid role models in the Power Rangers. Up until Wild Force, the series was owned by Saban Entertainment. It was sold to Disney due to it becoming too expensive to continue making.

The series went on to give us even more seasons, but the ratings slowly began to fall due to their inability to follow through with advertising.

We were blessed that through toy sales, we managed to get Jungle Fury but the ending was not even remotely up to par as it could of been, considering it would be the final one produced by Bruce Kalish.

Two nights ago, we were given the unhappy news that RPM was to be the final season ever of Power Rangers, due to the fact they choose to continue their efforts in not advertising the series as much as it should be. I feel with a new team of writers who are are familiar with the series, we could get atleast two to three more seasons instead of just this one.

We, the fans and parents of the fans of Power Rangers, call on Disney to give us fans and parents of fans three more seasons atleast of Power Rangers or give us a movie which will settle the series once and for all, tying it all together as well as tying up all loose ends.

We also feel adequate advertising should also be done instead of just letting the series go and end without it. By not advertising the series, you are showing us fans you are deliberately destroying this much loved as well as much respected series and franchise. You are also showing poor ownership skills when it comes to the franchise and this must be remedied immediately.

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