#Children's Rights
MP Carolyn Bennett

Playworks Pre-school, located at 1375 Yonge Street, has been serving this community for more than 25 years.

The child care center provides a creative, safe and stimulating environment for our children, from infants to preschool in the community.

It is harsh, unfair and unacceptable for the City of Toronto to remove subsidy from the children and families who attend the center and are being told to find another caregiver.
Switching child care centers is not like switching cars!
Children take time to get settled and comfortable in their environments; parents, whom are overwhelmed with the day to day stresses of life, worry frantically for the safety and care being of their precious children while they are away from them. To find a center that families and children feel safe and protected with, where families trust the love and support from teachers for their innocent children is VERY DIFFICULT AND STRESSFUL to come by!

Children rely on routine and familiarity; The City of Toronto, particularly Children's Services are jeopardizing the development and safety of so many children and families.

The staff at Playworks are fully qualified R.E.C.E graduates or equivalent.
The groups of caregivers have grown with our children as our children have grown with them. Many of the teachers have been there for over 20 years. They are respectful with each other as well as our children. They treat the children as their own.
The teachers are also skilled with special needs kids who have already adapted to center.

We will NOT allow Playworks Preschool to lose subsidy and potentially close down!

We the parents of this community call on the MP to not allow the city to remove subsidy from our beloved childcare center and to continue to accept "SUBSIDIZED CHILDREN".

Taking away our center and the children out would be taking away a huge positive part of our community.

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