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Did you read or see the news on two men and their pit bull? If you have you would know this much... Andrew Gariety, 21 and James Emerson, 19, were siccing their pit bull, Stretch, on two couples at a Chevron on fourth Plain.
They made it sound like it was for fun, but guess what? Wrong! The media exaggerated the truth and were given false information, most likely by the witnesses. Even though the witnesses were, as some might say, the "victims". But did the media ever say what started everything? No! Here's what happened accordind to James Emerson, the owner of stretch...
James Emerson, andrew Gariety and Stretch were walking to the Chevron when a truck almost hit them. James being drunk started yelling that they needed to learn how to drive and so on. Then when they got to the Chevron, the truck that almost hit them was there. One of the teenagers got out of the truck and started yelling at James, trying to start a fight with him. With all the yelling that was going on, Stretch got irritated. He started barking and growling at the guy that was yelling at James, as any loyal dog would. Stretch was acting as if he was just trying to scare the guy so he would leave James alone. The only thing done wrong was when Streth jumped into one of the other cars at the gas station, but he immediately jumped back out. Nobody seems to know why he jumped in the car though.
Butaccording to the media, Stretch is a vicious pit bull, a threat to society. They are even trying to say he is a trained killer. The media and people who don't personally know Stretch think he deserves to be locked up and eventually put to sleep. They think that it's better to treat him as a dangerous criminal instead of a dog.
But those who have ever spent ant time with Stretch, don't just think differently, they know differently. They ahve seen him through his good days and his bad. But no matter what mood he is in, he will always be a sweet, caring and very loyal dog. He is extremely friendly to everyone, including children and dog friendly cats. Stretch deserves to live. He doesn't deserve to be locked up, he never hurt anybody. Which is a fact acoording to the police and the media as well.
Stretch's loyalty to his owner, JAmes Emerson, is so strong that he is concidered a threat. In a situation like this, I guess you could say stretch is all bark, no bite. Because it's only common sense that if any medium or large breed dog wanted to hurt someone or something, they easily could and would. The only way he would ever hurt anybody is if James' life was in immediate danger. And dogs aren't stupid. THey know when to use thier strength, just as any human does. Some do use it stupidly, but Stretch never has. And just for that he should be released from his hold at the humane society.

Stretch, A beautiful male Pit bull, was acting in defence of his owner, James Emerson, without harm to anyone. Stretch is now on a police hold at a humane society in Clark County. He is looking at losing his life even though he never harmed anyone. The media has exagerated the details, and has made him seem vicious even though he never was. Please help Stretch by signing this petition to save his life.

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