Passions is being switched to only Direct TV. Passions has been on the air for 8 years.

I have been a big fan sence it started. I do not no the name of the show that will replace Passions on the non Direct TV vewiers but it is a half hour.

So Passion can stay on it regular time which is 2 pm, or switch to 12 pm. Or the bew show can be put on at after 2 pm.

To all of you viewers of the Soap Opera, Passions, I would like for you to sign this petition.

This petition is to keep Passions from switching to only Direct TV. I forget what NBC is putting in its place for non Direct TV viewers, but I believe the show is a half hour, so they can easily but after Passion @ 3 pm or even 3:30pm.

So for you fans who can’t switch to Direct TV for some reason, please sign this petition, to keep the switch from being done.

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