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Oxfordshire County Council
United Kingdom

Oxfordshire County Council proposes to remove the parking bays along the Iffley Road from The Plain to Bullingdon Road in order to make way for a cycle lane.
This plan is permanent and the bays will be gone for good, not just during the current roadworks. This plan will result in

- The severe reduction of parking spaces for local residents, which will be especially grave during the proposed redevelopment of the St Clements' Car Park.

- The severe reduction of parking for customers of businesses in the area with the removal of short term parking bays in the Iffley Road.

- The dramatic increase in road noise and vibration caused by large vehicles passing much closer to the houses in the Iffley Road once the parking bays have been removed.

- The inevitable increase in speeding vehicles in the Iffley Road due to the removal of the parking bays which currently calm traffic and provide an effective chicane, in due course make cycling MORE dangerous not less.

Given that the proposed removal of the parking bays will only provide a cycle lane for a matter of a few hundred yards the overall improvement for cyclists will be minimal, yet it will also be at substantial cost to the already hard-pressed ratepayers of the borough.

Meanwhile the Iffley Road will be turned into a quarter mile straight which cars, buses and lorries can power down unimpeded, with one zebra crossing in the middle – an accident waiting to happen ?

We, the undersigned, oppose the replacement of the current parking bays in the Iffley Road between the Plain and Bullingdon Road.

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