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Pappy's has been serving the Hananhan community for over twenty years. The small quaint restaurant is located on Remount Rd.

The owner and his family the Williamson's have been giving back to the community for years now. This restaurant is the heart and soul of the Williamson's. The family has put everything they have into this restaurant for years. They have faithfully served their many regulars offering a variety of food, from breakfast all day to dinner and at times a buffet.

The owner Russell Williamson and his father Joe Williamson have also offered a yearly customer appreciation day. This is usually a very large event where the Restaurant is opened up, they roast a pig, and invite the community for a free meal. However this little restaurant is in jeopardy of closing down.

I urge all of you in the community to stand by us and keep Pappy's open.

We, the undersigned, call on the City Council not to revoke the business license for Pappy's Restaurant.

This Restaurant has been serving our community for many years now. And we urge you to keep our doors open so we can continue for years to come to stand by our community.

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