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On the 26th Jan Orkney Islands Council approved as part of the building of the new Grammar School and Hostel the creation of a new road through the Papdale Woods. Despite the fact a road was viable from 2 other directions Planning Manager Alistair Banks recommended to go for the cheapest and laziest option of knocking down 22 mature trees (around 200 years old) and destroying one of Orkneys rare natural treasures.

The facts are;

1. Local residents were not consulted and the planning information sent to local residents did not make any mention of the woods destruction. Indeed the first Kirkwall residents were aware of it was after the council approved demolition.

2. Goes against the councils own planning policy and the Kirkwall Urban Design Framework which want green open spaces preserved.

3. The woods are part of a planned Georgian garden and many are over 200 years old. As well as being a an area of outstanding natural beauty it is home to many species of wildlife and a nesting site for birds.

4. The area for the new road will destroy a site of archaeological interest. Landscaped into the gardens is a rare turfed wall of unknown date and purpose, some archaeologists speculate it is the only surviving part of the pre viking Papdale Monastery.

We, the undersigned, call for Orkney Islands Council to reverse the decision to destroy Papdale Woods and change their plan for the new hostel to allow a road from the south as the architects suggested.

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