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Parents of Martin Luther King Academy for Year-Round Learning.
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For the past 6 years, parents and students had a choice of schools to go to in Mount Clemens. In our district, we have excellent schools, but we also have a year-round learning program.

No other schools in our district suffered financially, however more was sent to Martin Luther King Academy. Our district has school of choice option, thus allowing parents to send thier kids to any school they chose. Last year our district was faced with possibly losing this program, however a vote was held, and the program stayed. This year we have been told our program has ended.

All this went down without any voting options to the general public. The school has been proven time and time again, with prestigious awards and acredidations. Our school was voted one of the best in the country for year-round programs.

Many people even came to this district because of this program. The year-round program put our district back on the map for our state, and now we have lost it.

We, the parents of Martin Luther King Academy for Year-round Learning, call on all the parents of Mount Clemens Community Schools, to help bring back our Year-round learning program. Our program has been ended.

In the past we have been given a chance to vote to have or not have this program. This year we were not given that option. We believe this has been done wrongfully to us, and we should have a right to vote on such issues.

We are asking for supporters to bring back our year-round program.

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