This will be combined to a hand written petetion and give to the principil or the board of education
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Have you ever have a teacher that taught you skills that will help you in life?

Hi, my names Sarah and I am a student that is involved with a vocational system. Meaning I go to two schools. Half a day I am at my home school and the other half I go to study animals at another school.

At my vocational school we have several wonderful teachers. But one in particular has changed many students' lives. In fact, at the orientation a large group of parents, students, and siblings came in his room for a meet the teachers. I guess all of us newbies looked scared or nervous because the first thing he said was something like come on and smile. This lightened the tension of nervousness in the room. Before even being enrolled in to this school I new what class I wanted to take was and that was animal science.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be in that class my first year, but by second year I got in to the class. So far this school year has been fighting to save our animal since teacher. Several petitions have been attempted but most have failed or just plain flat out vetoed by the principle.

You may be asking why does this teacher mean so much to his fellow staff and his students. Well the truth is he is excellent at his job. He also connects with students, unlike what most teachers do. While being a student of his class I have learned and been able to comprehend more topics than I ever have since probably elementary. Most of the time I learn something than with in a month I honestly blank.

Another quality about him that makes him the best person for this job is he has been in several work environments before become a AG teacher. He gives his students real life examples of how different work industries are like.

Please come together and help us get him his job back for next school year.

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