NHS North Somerset
United Kingdom

The Primary Care Trust (PCT) in North Somerset is planning to close down the GP Clinics at Weston General Hospital and the Boulevard in Weston super Mare.

Many of the registered patients at these practices have no idea this is happening, because the PCT have not consulted them. One of these surgeries is located in one of the most deprived areas of the country, and has very high levels of health inequality. Both surgeries serve an above average population of older people.

If the surgeries close, many patients will find it very difficult to travel to other surgeries. The PCT has not demonstrated why these surgeries need to close, neither have they asked patients what they want. At a meeting on 23rd February 2012 North Somerset Council recommended that the PCT start a formal consultation – this has yet to take place. We have written to the PCT to urge them to consult with patients, to complete an equality impact assessment and to do all they can to keep these surgeries open.

We the undersigned call on NHS North Somerset to stop their plans to close the GP clinics at Weston General Hospital and the Boulevard in Weston super Mare.

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