#National Affairs
The Treasurer, Australian Government

The Government is looking to reduce the current tax concessions for superannuation. This is despite all of the Government's enquiries, reports and committees plus associations such as ASFA, AIST, FPA and ASMA agreeing that superannuation is the key to a successful, worry free retirement.

Any change by the Government to superannuation tax concessions now will undermine the Australian people's confidence in superannuation. And it may be the thin edge of the wedge - a small haircut now and maybe a bigger one later?

Self reliance or social security in retirement? Which do you choose?

Save our Super now - tell the government that they must act on their word not to touch superannuation. Don't mess with our super - ever!

We, the undersigned, do not want the Government to reduce, adjust our superannuation including increasing any contributions taxes, reducing any contributions caps, changing fund tax rates, putting limits on concessionally taxed benefits or undermining Australian workers, retirees and the self employed's current and future commitment to superannuation and a worry free retirement.

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