#Neighborhood Living
Starbucks Corp.
United States of America

It wasn't until the Roslyn Starbucks opened, that people in this town started to come out of their homes and actually meet each other.

Starbucks not only provides great coffee and healthier fast food; it is a place where friends meet and enjoy each other, individuals conduct business, and students study. It is a bustling environment where people come and go, but always come back.

The barristas at the Roslyn Starbucks are exceptional in their skill - often they know what a regular customer will order and have it ready while the person is waiting in line. Closing this starbucks will affect Roslyn deeply.

A sense of loss, not just for the beverages and snacks, but for the growing connections between new friends, is already upon us.

We the undersigned request that Starbucks Corp. reconsider the decision to close the Roslyn 1 Railroad Ave Starbucks.

We ask that Starbucks Corp. keep the Roslyn Railroad Ave. store #10611 open.

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