The Bill producers
United Kingdom

It has recently been announced that producers of The Bill have decided to axe Graham Cole's character, PC Tony Stamp, from the programme.

In an effort to "sex up" the programme for its post-watershed re-launch in November, the producers have decided that Tony doesn't fit their "new dynamic" and are shipping the character off to training school.

We, the undersigned, are outraged at the decision to let The Bill's longest serving actor go.

PC Tony Stamp has been a regular character for over 20 years and Graham Cole's wit, warmth and charm have made the character a genuine legend. For many of us, the main reason we have continued to watch The Bill, after suffering through the last attempt to spice up the programme, has been Graham Cole.

The idea that he should be let go because you feel the show's cast needs to younger and sexier is ignoring what made The Bill great in the first place - realistic characters in a realistic setting doing realistic police work.

The programme needs a mix of younger and older police officers, a mix of personalities and a mix of characters, just like the real police force. Tony Stamp has been walking the beat in Sun Hill for a long time and surely a place could be found for him in the revamped programme.

We ask that you seriously reconsider your decision and Save Our Stamp!

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