#Neighborhood Living
Royal Bank of Scotland/GVA Ltd
United Kingdom

For 35 years a fruit and vegetable stall has operated outside the Royal Bank of Scotland branch at Camden High Street. The stall provides the local community with a broad range of high quality fresh produce.

RBS has now stated that it wants the stall removed from outside of its branch, citing spurious reasons such as the storage of highly combustible products and damage to low level basement lighting outside the branch. Both of these are incorrect - bananas, apples and pears are not highly combustible, you can however cook them.

The stall is licensed by the local council and has an impeccable record of complying with all its statutory requirements.

The action by RBS will result in stall workers losing their jobs and the local community losing a popular, convenient and valued outlet where it can obtain healthy, fresh produce in a manner that creates great social interaction and generates community harmony.

We, the undersigned, call on RBS to overturn its decision to end its approval for a stall to be located outside its Camden Town branch.

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