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The City of College Station is currently reviewing an application to rezone two residential properties into one large commercial property at the corner of Fairview and George Bush. A public hearing for this rezoning application has been scheduled at the Planning & Zoning meeting on Thursday, August 17, 2017. City Council will make the ultimate decision on Monday, September 11, 2017.

The Southside Neighbors Advocacy Group has compiled 11 objections against this rezoning, which can be reviewed at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwZUho1IDDcweWVRR3IxS09qVW8/view?usp=sharing. For additional information, please go to www.saveoursouthside.org or send an e-mail to savingsouthside@gmail.com.

The City of College Station is currently reviewing a rezoning application to turn two residential lots in the historic Southside neighborhood of College Park into commercial property. This violates:

• The intention of College Station's Comprehensive Plan for the neighborhood, which is designated as a "Neighborhood Conservation" area
• The process defined by the city to assess the need for such rezoning after, not before, the traffic grade separation at the corner of Wellborn and George Bush Drive has been implemented (as of July 2017, this traffic grade separation has not yet started)
• The requirements of city ordinances related to a Planned Development District (PDD) or protecting and/or buffering residents in the adjacent General Suburban zoning “from incompatible uses”
• The intent of the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (2010) and the Southside Neighborhood Development Plan (2012), both approved by City Council

In addition, neighbors are concerned that rezoning these residential lots into commercial property would cause an unsafe vehicular and pedestrian traffic surplus at an already dangerous intersection and would have a negative impact across College Station if the city disregards the above neighborhood protections to meet the desires of one commercial developer.

In light of these concerns, the undersigned residents of College Station, oppose the proposed rezoning of 100 and 200 Fairview (Block 1, Lot 3, 4, 5, & Block 1, Lot 6, and 26' of 7) located in the College Park Neighborhood.

This petition is also available at www.saveoursouthside.org. Please sign only once. Thank you for your support!

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