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Support us in the effort to stop the notion to nix 250-foot length limit on docks and allow building 500-foot long structures instead. This coming Tuesday Sept 19th at 7:00pm, Palm Bay City Council will hear public comments and then vote on whether to change or remove the existing city ordinance regulating Boat Dock Length. Currently this ordinance is at 250- feet with this vote deciding whether to allow 500-foot docks.

First, the reason for which this notion is brought up is erroneous. Palm Bay plans to change a 15-year-old code that limits dock lengths in the lagoon to 250 feet, to avoid legal liability from one property owner, who’s permit was issued by The City in error.

This very citizen also applied for the variance which was unanimously denied by P & Z because it failed to meet five out of six applicable conditions for possible variance.

One does not have to be a scientist to realize that 500-foot long docks will have a negative impact on the environment and boating/fishing traffic.

These long constructions will directly interfere with constant efforts to maintain and protect the seagrass beds. Seagrass is the keystone species of this estuary. Without it many important species will be greatly impacted. The impact is not only ecological, but also of an economic importance.

Dredging and filling will result in direct removal of potential seagrass habitat. Excessively long dock and boat houses will further diminish light availability for seagrasses which will slow or prevent its growth.

Please sign this petition, call and send an e-mail to each City Council member listed below, informing them that you are opposed to changing or deleting the current ordinance 2002-71. LEAVE OUR SHORELINE ALONE!

• William Capote, PH 952-3414, mayor@pbfl.org
• Harry Santiago Jr., 952-3414, seat2@pbfl.org
• Brian Anderson, 952-3414, seat3@pbfl.org
• Tres Holton, PH 952-3414, tres.holton@palmbayflordia.org
• Jeff Bailey, 952-3414, seat5@pbfl.org

There is no doubt that, the proposed 500 feet docks would intrude on neighboring properties riparian rights, restrict or cut off access to the bay to nearby properties as well as small crafts, kayaks, canoes, wading fishermen.

We all know and are proud of the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan. Scientists and volunteers are making great effort to protect Lagoon’s environment. By enabling 500-foot structures being built over Indian River Lagoon the City would do just the opposite.

Please do not sell the entire Palm Bay coast's precious appearance and its fragile environmental state, and complicate marine traffic to avoid settlement for one mistakenly issued permit.

Please understand that the restoration of suffering environment is far more expensive, lengthy, and most often completely impossible.

Additionally, this is a public trust resource issue also, where longer docks would mean private landowners get to monopolize more public waters for their own, private use.

Without an ordinance docks will become dilapidated, deteriorated, structurally unsound or a safety hazard and cause an unsightly appearance.

The list of reasons to deny this motion is much longer.
I have confidence in our local government and believe that it will make the right decision.

To Palm Bay City Council,
We, the undersigned, are opposed to changing or deleting the current ordinance 2002-71 related to dock length and maintenance.
We call upon Palm Bay policymakers to promote a healthy environment and don't allow excessive length docks that will permanently scar our shorelines.

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