#Older people rights
Lambeth Council
United Kingdom

Plans to demolish Leigham Court and other Housing Schemes, and to sell off their land, represents a borough-wide attack on Sheltered Housing schemes, in Lambeth. It also represents an attack on the next Generation of older people, who will not have Local Authority Sheltered Housing available to them.

Sheltered Housing Residents wholeheartedly reject any decision to demolish our sheltered housing schemes, and to sell our land, and will fight any attempts to have this policy foisted upon us.

Residents had been led to believe that we had a ‘Home for Life’, and did not expect to be moved about, at our time in life.

The threat to demolish our Sheltered Housing Schemes and sell its land, has been highly distressing to Senior Residents.

There is nothing structurally wrong with the Sheltered Housing Schemes, under threat, and the estimated costs of repairs and upgrades have been exaggerated, because of Lambeth Council and Lambeth Living’s determination to sell the land. No formal structural survey has even been completed, to date!

Any repair issues, reflect upon Lambeth Living’s obligation to maintain property, as a Landlord, and should not be used as an excuse to tear down our buildings.

Valentine Walker, Resident of Leigham Court Sheltered Housing Scheme, under threat of demolition, felt so strongly about this injustice that he decided to stand in the Tulse Hill By-election, as an Independent – “Save Lambeth Sheltered Housing Candidate”, “..Because I feel very strongly that older people who are still active, should be given a choice in housing. Sheltered Housing, for the independent older people, should ALWAYS be part of that choice - If they take it from us it won’t be there for you”

We, the undersigned, object to the Demolition and Sale of Sheltered Housing Schemes, Against the Wishes of their Residents, by Lambeth Council and Lambeth Living.

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