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Somerset County Council
United Kingdom

Somerset County Council is in the process of making cuts to the social care services provided to the adults with learning disabilities. This includes withdrawal of daycare services for service users in residential care.

Additionally, service users who live in private accommodation, with parents or professional carers, will have their daycare and respite services withdrawn in all but the most extreme cases, instead given work preparation, short term focussed support, very low intensity longer term support. These people gain huge benefits, such as the social interaction they get at the centres and a feeling of being part of the community, through these daycare services. Without them many of the service users would become isolated.

Service users have been given no consultation about these changes and are angry and distraught at the prospect of losing these services.

Somerset County Council is proposing to withdraw all daycare services from adults with Learning Disabilities who live in residential care.

They are also proposing to restrict daycare services for those adults with Learning Disabilities who live in their own homes to provision of information about non-statutory services, work preparation, short term focussed support, very low intensity longer term support or provision of basic care and safety needs.

These proposals will result in many service users no longer being able to benefit from the mutual support, loving care and wide range of activities they currently enjoy at daycare centres and will lead to a severe degradation in service users' quality of life.

Service users and their carers have not been asked for their views about Somerset County Council's intentions and they object strongly to what is proposed.

We call upon Somerset County Council to take note of the objections of service users affected by these changes, to suspend implementation of the proposals until a detailed and meaningful consultation process with all those affected has been carried out and to ensure that the final outcome accords with the wishes of those consulted.

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