Naoko Takeuchi
United States of America

Sailor Moon was one of the best Anime Series's ever made, it dazzled the minds of many fans all over the world. The series aired from February 1992 – March 1997 and even though its been off of the air for over 10 years, it still has an untold amount of fans.

In this petition I am asking, no begging, the owners of Sailor Moon to please put it back on the air! This was my very first anime and I know there are alot of people that treasure it as much as I do. We can't just let this die off.. We have some videos and tapes, but they stopped producing them in North America and pretty soon we wont be able to find them anywhere.

We need to bring back Sailor Moon! It could teach kids these days a lot about love, truth, justice, and teamwork. And if we let it die, then we are disrespecting Mrs. Takeuchi in the worst of Ways! If you love Sailor Moon and you want to see it back on the air, please sign this petition!

This Petition was created by the die hard fans of Sailor Moon, we are asking, No, Begging you, the owners of Sailor Moon, to please put this series back on the air in North America. We well know that it hasn't been aired in over 10 years, but we think that a show like this should never ever be allowed to die.

For a lot of us, this was the show that got us hooked to anime, and over time we grew to love it so much. But Sailor Moon is dieing off over here, there is a lot of people that haven't even heard of it and it is so very hard to find anything that has to do with Sailor Moon anywhere outside of Japan.

Please, for the sake of all the fans that love Sailor Moon, put it back on television. Give the new generation of kids something to learn from, there is a lot of garbage on tv these days and we just know that they could benefit from watching it. Please, Save our Sailors, Bring back Sailor Moon.

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