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Our Heritage is slowly been eroded away by consecutive Governments, Who say “they want more involvement from the people in what the people want”.

Biggest load of cods wallop I have ever heard, Cameron and his cohorts want to SELL of our open Forests that we have all enjoyed since man began. Any full blooded English man, Irishman, Scotsman and Walshman will tell them, “Leave Our Open Spaces alone”, Every National asset that we ever had, has slowly been Privatized for Profit, for whom, Government, and yet we are still in debt.

Our Children and their children will never be able to enjoy the good open spaces in the future if the Government is allowed to get away with Asset stripping our County.

This is why we want as many people in the whole Country to sign the petition to H.M. Government and say to them clear THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.

We, the undersigned, call on H.M.Government to stop all plans to sell off all Public open spaces and forests.

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