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The Priory Pub, formerly 'The Litherland Hotel' is a historical landmark that dates back more than 200 years.

The Public House at the heart of Litherland, served as 'a place of worship' many years before the erection of St. Philip's church.

It also served as a meeting point for UDC councillors prior to the building of Litherland Town Hall.

The former coaching house was also frequented by the world famous Beatles who played their first 'Gig' at the nearby Litherland Town Hall.

Before closure, it was used by many to hold a re-pass (funeral gathering), usually for the many neighbouring churches in the area.

For the community, many a tale was told, to which many a tear shed, many a trouble halved and many laughters shared.

It is without a doubt, an invaluable pillar of the community and should remain in the public domain at all costs.

We the undersigned hereby call upon the Sefton Council Planning Committee to refuse any such applications for the demolition of or change of use of 'The Priory' Pub, 64 Sefton Road, Litherland.

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