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lake worth beach residents
United States of America

Over the last five years, the current administration has outsourced the pruning of native plants at the beach and other public locations to a contractors using unskilled and untrained workers. Many plants have died. Others have been "hedged" to not only lead to premature death but is an outdated approach to landscaping. . The landscaping now looks horrible and battered and is an embarrassment to the citizens of lake worth. Sea grapes, dune daisies, native grasses and many other native plants have been eradicated by over pruning and replaced by red mulch.

Meanwhile, other cities in the area and around the country have created beautiful natural settings using native plant environments that add natural beauty, attract tourists, provide food and habitat for birds and butterflies, and protect the land from storm surges and erosion.

We the undersigned, are requesting that the city of lake worth beach stop the continued destruction of our valuable plants and trees by over-pruning and other destructive horticultural practices. When cared for properly, the plantings add value and beauty to our beach, community and parks. We will no longer stand by and watch this happen in silence. We seek immediate change.

1. Pruning and care of town plantings must be overseen by a qualified horticulturist who has the authority to instruct contract workers on the proper care and pruning of plants.
2. If the work is not done by city employees, the contract must reflect the requirement that plants be properly pruned and cared for.
3. Many of the native plantings have been killed by over-pruning and general neglect. Those plants should be replaced in kind by the contractor that destroyed them as the contract currently requires.

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