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Tours of the old gold mine at Mount Morgan will stop next month, October 2018, after access to the prime attractions were closed off. The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) advised TMC Tours that access beyond the Linda yard was to be by 4x4 only.
John Steinberger has been taking tours of the historic town and the old gold mine for 12 INCIDENT FREE years, adhering to all policy and regulations, and proposed the purchase of a 4x4 bus at their own expense. The DNRME responded that access would still be denied, with no other explanation. After the closure of the Fireclay Caverns with the dinosaur footprints, 7 years ago, due to safety concerns,there was a noticeable downturn in tour numbers, The ensuing years of uncertainty over them re-opening, (as the community has rallied for) and now these access restrictions excluding their most popular draw card, the view of the open cut, the tour guide company, TMC Tours, are now preparing to cease trading, Without access to these major attractions, the business will not be feasible.
Our small town benefits financially from this business, and the local knowledge and history imparted from these tours is priceless to locals and tourists alike.

We the undersigned, call for a review and adjustment of the proposed access restrictions at Mount Morgan Mine, to allow the continuance of the current tours by TMC tours into the future.

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