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Central Fire Station was built in 1925. It needs paint as any building of any age might. It needs windows because the ones that were installed are made of inferior materials. It is located in an area of high population density making short response times to residential, business and entertainment districts possible. Central Fire Station houses two fire trucks, an ambulance, the Chief and his staff, the billing department, Special Events storage and base of operations during events held downtown.

Central Fire Station is the hub of MFRD. School children are bussed from all over the city, passing other fire stations, the tour Central Fire station because of its age and significance to the department. Central fire station has a historical impact to the area, Central and Ashland fire station are two of the only remaining historical fire houses. New Orleans Fire department is the only other fire department in our area who maintains and currently uses historical buildings.

Ashland "The Ginger Style" fire station on old shell was built in 1930, it is a community firehouse that just needs updating, It is also a historical landmark that houses firefighters to provide quick fire and medical response to the neighborhood, It would be a disgrace to the generations of firefighters and citizens to shut the doors for no apparent reason.

Neither of these stations are money pits, and have weathered many storms. These stations are built solid and the craftsmanship is what make each one unique.

We need signatures to help preserve Central and Ashland fire station. The cost of replacing these two historic buildings greatly outweighs the cost of maintaining them (not to mention the costs incurred by other mold infested stations that are not being closed). The historic and sentimental values of these buildings have also been ignored. Central and Ashland fire stations have been there in your time of need, now it is our turn to be there for them!

Several fire stations have a common design that makes them develop mold. These stations have been remodeled at great expense, yet the problems have not been fixed. Replacing these stations would be more cost effective and eliminate the health hazards they pose for our firefighters.
These stations are numbers 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23. They all have a distinct smell that permeates most anything that enters these stations. Firefighters often have sinus and respiratory problems when they spend time in these stations.

These station have cost the city on capital monies and doctor’s visits. The medical cost may be incalculable, but the repair costs are a matter of record.

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