Friends of Combewood

Currently we are fighting Urban Growth in their plans to remove 100-200 year old trees in preparation to develop a public park. Their intentions are to remove the trees in order to construct a water filtration unit for the lake in this park.

The site is located directly adjacent to a historical house built in the late 19th century and by continuing their plan of action, we will see a huge decrease in cultural significance of the property. In the past we have also seen destabilization to surrounding grounds of these man-made lakes and we fear that it could lead to the demise of this house. As it is one of the only buildings of its age located in the area, it would be a terrible shame to see it knocked down due to the instability of the land.

We try our hardest to look after this site and have many open days where the whole Penrith community are welcome. To date we have had around 15 hundred visitors this year. The plans were approved before any communication so no knowledge of this was available until after the approval.

They have shown no intentions of changing their plans yet so we ask all people to help us by signing the following petition in order to fight the conservation rights of historical areas in local communities. If we do not show them that we care about our history, all that will remain are stories.

We call upon Urban Growth, to re-plan their development of the water filter proposed for the location adjacent to Combewood House.

We propose that conservation of the cultural significance of historical sites, as outlined in the (Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter, 1999), be enforced.

We formally request that the location of the proposed water filter be moved and the trees intended for removal be conserved for future generations.

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