#Consumer Affairs
Mitzi hunter - VP Marketing for GoodWill

June 9, 2006

I live in a small city in Ontario where there are many low-income families.

Our local Goodwill store has been a place we have been able to count on as a resource for a range of household items which we would otherwise be unable to attain.

Recently a VP from Toronto announced
that they would be closing our retail outlet and moving it to another city.

We are very upset.


The Goodwill Store In Fitton's Plaza has become a landmark store in Orillia. It is used and appreciated by local customers year in and out as well as being an important shopping destination for seasonal residents, cottagers and vacationers alike. For many low-income families the Goodwill store provides the only practical option to outfit their families. The loss of this store would represent a real blow to the quality of life for many people in our community.

Please re-consider your decision to close our Orillia store.

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