#Keeping Nigerian Dwarf Goats as Pets
Town of Boscawen
United States of America

We have four wethered Nigerian Dwarf goats that have lived with us since June. They are disbudded and castrated, which means these goats are not for profit. These goats are so attached to us, they would surely go into a deep depression if forced to leave their home. Our babies are the size of a medium to large dog, much quieter, and very clean. They are well behaved and trained. They have their own barn. It is safe and warm. Our boys go for walks and hikes, no leashes are required. If we walk, they walk; if we stop, they stop. They love car rides, and trips to the park. They are so much more than goats. They are truly our family! They even love to sit on your lap. Our town is concerned if they should be allowed to be kept as pets. I have created this petition as an attempt (with your help) to demonstrate just how well cared for they are, and to show they are not by any means your average goats. These boys know commands and obey. They will run, walk, come, stay, and even poop/pee on command. (Which is helpful before getting in the car!) Parents, children, family, friends, strangers, police officers, etc. are amazed at what our goats are like. Local business owners even invite the boys in to visit while we are out walking. We have people from all over come to our house, just to show their children the goats. We just need an opportunity to respectfully show the town what we (and you) already know. We would be devastated if they have to leave us. Our boys would never survive living as typical barn goats elsewhere, they are too used to their current spoiled, royalty lifestyle. This is a fact! Goat depression is a real thing. Please help save our babies!

We, the undersigned, call on to the Town of Boscawen, to allow Louis Champagne and Melanie Welch to keep their four goats on their property located at 6 Baker Street in Boscawen, NH. We support keeping Elvis, Levi, Blake, and Luke in the only home they know with their loving human family.

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