Peter Brett Associates, 160 West George Street, Glasgow G2 2HG
United Kingdom

Please sign this petition to help us save our field. We need as much support as we can to ensure it is saved and the more people who back us up at this stage the harder it will be for the planners to ignore. The deadline for our petition is 19th May 2017.

West Dunbartonshire Council are planning to put two roads right through the middle of the field and take my ponies' grazing field at Milton, West Dunbartonshire, away from them if I do not willingly let them have it. I do not want to do so as I have spent a lot of time making it a home for my four ponies, namely Buddy, Morven, Flossie and Charlie Magee. They are my pets and I expected them to have their field for life. One of their past pony friends Lady is also buried there, her grave will be desecrated if they take the field away from me and I can’t bear for this to happen. When the time comes and I also expected to be able to bury her friends right next to her. Buddy is now quite elderly and won't be able to cope with the loss of his friends if they have to be split up. All of this is in imminent danger and I may not even be able to afford to keep my ponies long-term if I lose my field.

A further issue is that this is currently green belt land (the Council are trying to remove the designation) and home to a large wildlife pond and over 200 trees. The whole area consists of meadow grasses and wildflowers so is also home to many different types of wildlife and plant species, is an invaluable nature resource, and all will be destroyed if this goes ahead. We are simply asking them to re-route past us thereby leaving our field alone.

The Council could make a very minor alteration to their plans to bypass my field. To quote from Jim McAloon, their Head of Regeneration: "There are other avenues in terms of compulsory purchase orders if we don’t get the land. I would be looking to our experts to avoid that where possible. I would be asking how can we design the road to make it less painful for landowners in the area.”

For further information please visit our Facebook page ("Save Our Field”) and our website …www.saveourfield.org.uk.

Thank-you in advance for your support and please forward this on to others asking them to also help us fight to save our field.

Susan and the Ponies

We the undersigned call upon Peter Brett Associates, who are acting on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council, to ensure that no proposed A82 link road within the Dumbuck area or any access road to the former Exxon Oil Terminal encroaches on the field in Milton owned by Miss Susan Dick. We dislike the idea of any road passing through this site and ask that any plans incorporating such are altered to instead re-route such roads so that they bypass the field.

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