#Ferry between Maine and Nova Scotia
Bill Estabrooks ---- billestabrooks@navnet.net

West Nova Scotia Transportation Study confirms what people in Yarmouth already know - the NDP decision to cancel ferry service this year was rash and will have a major impact on the economy of the region.

The study was released a week after a by-election in the provincial riding of Yarmouth.

The study indicates a ferry service between Yarmouth and Maine is necessary, and the region is suffering without it".

The study concludes that the Digby - Saint John ferry service is vital to the commercial sector and that the international link between Yarmouth and Maine sustains the tourism sector.

"The next steps are obvious. The NDP government needs to work with the federal and municipal governments to find a private operator to provide service from Yarmouth. The NDP government's rash decision to cancel the CAT has already damaged the economy for this season. We must ensure a service is in place for next year."

"This time the government needs to listen to the people of South West Nova Scotia instead of making decisions without knowing the impact on the entire region."


Please sign this petition to re-instate permanent funding for Digby and Yarmouth's ferry services.

These services should be considered an integral part of our local infrastructure, and should be treated as such!

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