#Animal Rights
San Diego County
United States of America

We live on the outskirts of Fallbrook, where there is still land for people to own horses and other livestock. We have been raising cattle, sheep and pigs for a number of years now.

Last week someone called the county and complained that we have too many animals. When we first started raising animals we asked many people if we needed any permits and everyone told us that we did not because of our land zoning.

Even while in the property zone we are in you can have as many horses as you would like. However even goats fall in the area of Large animals.

Now we are required to get a Minor Use permit and a Waiver from the County. We need to get this permit so we can still help kids in 4-H and FFA get livestock to show at the San Diego County Fair.

We also keep our aunts kids animals here, but if we do not get this permit we have to get rid of all of our animals. Not only are they just livestock but many of them are like pets and family to us. This would be a huge loss to us and many students who show FFA and 4-H. We need to keep these programs up and running for the sake of all the children.

It is a sad sight when I see young children at the fair who have no idea where milk, eggs, wool and many other animal by products come from.

We are calling for the County of San Diego to issue us the permit we need to keep our 4-H and FFA projects on our property.

We are zoned to keep animals but need the permit to keep more then 2 large animals such as cattle and sheep and goats.

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